Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling and Bracing

What is Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing is applied to trees to increase the life of the tree and to reduce the likelihood of a structural failure. They are used by professional tree service companies to reduce stress on branches. Cabling and bracing placed on a tree at a young age can ensure that branches grow in the direction that you want and strategically place your tree branches so that it increases their lifespan. It can also be used on older trees to help take stress off branches that are bent in such a way that could cause them to break.

Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing

The benefits of cabling and bracing in the long run are to ensure that the tree doesn't suffer structural failure due to the rotting or weakness of limbs. If you have an older tree this could be a good idea to ensure that the tree won't die and cause you to have to go through the tree removal process. In addition to increasing the health of your tree, cabling and bracing also helps your tree look more appealing. By making the trees branches get a distinctive U shape.

How Cabling and Bracing Is Done

Cabling and bracing can be done in several different ways. A certified arborist can install the braces and knows strategic points to maximize your trees lifespan. It is not advised that you attempt this type of work yourself especially if you don't have the right equipment.

Cables are used by putting hooks directly into the bark of the tree on two points. Then a tight cable between the two branches are put together to take stress off the branch. This can be very difficult because you want to maximize how much stress is taken off the branch while not breaking the branch.

Putting rods into the bark can help a tree with a split trunk to get put together properly. When a tree has a split trunk it doesn't have the ability to properly stay upright thus putting excess stress on the tree. With rods you can help reenforce the weight between the two trees to put less stress on the two halves.

Bracing is a non invasive way to ensure that your tree gets straightened out. They are generally attached to the sides and put in the ground so that the tree grows straight from the ground up. Other bracing systems are even designed to work like a cabling system and bend the tree in a whole new direction.