Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Information About Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of clearing plots of land or parts of forests using logging techniques or by using a process popularly known as slash and burn. Land clearing is very advanced depending on the plot of land you need cleared and it is recommended that you contact an arborist or logging company to come and do it properly. Prices generally range depending on the size of your job. If there are a lot of trees as well as a huge plot of land to clear the job could cost thousands of dollars. Check with your tree service company for an actual quote on the cost of the job.

Benefits of Land Clearing

Benefits of land clearing are generally economical. In large scale it helps the economy greatly. However for home owners, land clearing helps free up property space for new projects such as home renovations and space for farms. It is also used to clear forests and land that is to be used for businesses. In large scale deforestation and land clearing is bad for the environment however for small home projects it is a necessity and is not very hurtful.

How It's Done

In general, land clearing is a long task that requires the use of heavy equipment. Rocks, trees, and brush need to be cleared and is the task of a landscaping or tree service company that has only the proper equipment. There are three general land clearing methods that are used. Pushover, cut and grind, and burning.

The pushover method will take little time and money however, the land will not be cleared as cleanly as one would like. The ground will be ripped up and may need more work done to it to level the land out. Basically the tree service company will take a bulldozer and run over anything in it's way is ripped out of the ground including trees. The trees are then hauled off to be ground into mulch or to be sold. Trees are usually knocked down destroying any other trees in their way making this method difficult to pick and choose which trees you want to leave.

The cut and grind method takes much longer and is generally more costly. The arborists will take chainsaws to cut down trees and use mulch grinders to grind out the roots leaving the soil intact and the land clean. They then haul the trees away to be sold or turned into mulch. This method takes the most time however is safe for the environment and leaves the ground undisturbed.

The burning method is the cheapest and takes the least amount of time depending on how much land you need cleared. However, it is the most dangerous method and the worst environmentally. The arborist will light a controlled fire that will burn the land that you need cleared. The ash will then be removed by a bulldozer. Make sure that the arborists you contact are certified to do this type of work and know what they are doing before hand.