Tree Mulch

Information About Mulching

Mulch is generally wood chips that are placed around the base of shrubs, trees, or in gardens. Depending on why type of mulch you go with you can expect to pay a lot of money. While generally it is wood chips, mulch can be a range of material including bark, woodchips, hay, compost, rubber, plastic, and even rock. Wood chips are the best for your tree however, it is in general much more costly than its replacement such as rocks, or plastic. Choose your mulch based on looks and what you want it to do unless price is a big problem.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulching has a lot of benefits designed to keep your tree healthy along with give it a great visual appeal. Mulch reduces weed growth so your tree gets more water when it rains, It improves the fertility and health of the soil around your tree, and conserves moisture making your tree healthier overall. Keep in mind however, that not all mulch gives these same benefits. Something like rocks or plastic will do a good job of protecting you from weeds however, will not improve the fertility of the soil. Bark mulch is the best choice when looking for the right type of mulch.

How It's Done

Applying mulch is very simple. Simply go to your local hardware store to find some in bags. If you have wood chippers and extra wood you can make your own mulch by simply chipping the wood. Then go to the site where you want the mulch. It is generally advised that you make a small one to two foot circle around the tree while removing the grass so no weeds or growths will appear under your mulch. From there you pour your mulch in the circle making sure it covers the whole base. Finally enjoy your freshly poured mulch.