Root management

Tree Root Management

Information About Root Management

While tree care on the top half of the tree is important, root care is even more important because the roots are what make the tree function. It is important that you ensure that the roots grow properly because once the tree sets in there is nothing you can do to fix the roots. How the roots grow are very important to your trees life. Most tree problems are due to an issue with its roots. Compact soil, clay, and even foundation can ruin how your tree progresses and planting your tree in the correct spot is the most important aspect of tree care.

Benefits of Root Management

The benefits of root management include keeping the tree healthy, and not destroying any foundation and pipes. If you plant the tree too close to your home or near pipes the tree could possibly ruin the foundation by growing roots through your basement. The tree could also bend pipes if the roots are strong enough. In addition if you plant in a spot with weak soil or where there is a lot of clay your tree could die quickly because the roots can't bring in any water. Root management is the most important aspect of growing a successful tree.

How Root Management Is Done

Root management is most effective when planting the tree. You want to make sure that the soil you are planting in is rich and harbors good plant life. While digging, make sure to watch for any clay which could potentially harm your trees growth.

Depending on how large the tree you are planting is you must consider all underground pipes and foundation that you have. Roots are strong when they grow and will eventually break through foundation and pipes.

Once the tree is planted there is little you can do for root management. You will need to start your root management before the tree sets in.