Storm Cleanup

Storm Cleanup

Information About Storm Cleanup

Storm cleanup is often times the most tedious and dangerous jobs an arborist can take. Storms generally knock down trees and homes making for situations that a tree service provider is not used to. On top of that arborists attempt to save as much damaged infrastructure as possible to minimize how much the homeowner or insurance companies will have to pay when they begin home repair. Storm cleanup is costly and tedious work that shouldn't be dealt with lightly. Call your local tree service company as soon as possible to ensure that the problem is taken care of.

Benefits of Storm Cleanup

General benefits of storm cleanup are that they remove unwanted trees from unwanted places. If a storm comes and knocks down a tree into your yard or worse, on your house you will need to get it removed. These are the benefits of storm cleanup. Without storm cleanup companies you will never be able to remove knocked down trees from your yard without hurting your lawn or surrounding structures.

How It's Done

Storm cleanup is generally much more tedious than land clearing, or just cutting down trees. Arborists are working around houses, yards, and lawns and can't just bulldoze trees out of the way ruining someone's property (unless the homeowner gives them permission to). That means they need to pull out chainsaws and do things the old fashioned way. If a tree has been blown into a house the company will attempt to lift the tree off the house using cranes so that they won't do any damage to the rest of the structure while cutting through the tree. They will then cut the tree into pieces and haul it off to be sold or chipped. The same process goes for trees that have been knocked down in your yard. The company will cut them up to be shipped to be soled or mulched.