Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Information About Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of using power tools or manual methods to remove unwanted stumps in your yard. Generally you need to contact an arborist or tree service company to correctly use the right power tools however, removing a stump by manual methods is easy however it is time and energy consuming. These are more sudden removal methods however there are other methods of stump removal that take time and effort. Calling a certified arborist is recommended for quick stump removal as well as proper methods that will not hurt the rest of your lawn. Most tree service companies will use a stump grinder that will cut through the stump in a matter of minutes to safely ensure that your stump is removed.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

The benefits of stump removal are numerous. By removing stumps you effectively stop the spread of disease that could harm your lawn. It also helps other trees to grow properly by killing off roots that would remain for a very long time if you didn't remove the stump. Stump grinding also removes stumps in a way that will not hurt the surrounding parts of your lawn. It also provides economically safe mulch for your lawn. Finally if you choose to use a stump grinder, it saves time by quickly removing stumps in a matter of minutes.

How It's Done

There are several methods of stump removal that ensures your stump gets removed efficiently.

The number one stump removal method is using a stump grinder. Most tree service companies use these but they are usually available for rent at home depot. If you decide to rent one keep in mind that they are heavy duty equipment that weigh around 1,000 pounds and cost between 100 and 200 dollars to rent. A stump grinder is basically a big rotating blade that is put against the stump to chip it into mulch. Tree service companies will use this tool to effectively remove all parts of the stump in a matter of minutes.

You can also remove a stump by hand. This method will be tedious as well as strenuous physically especially if the tree has just recently been cut down. You must start by using a shovel or mattock to reveal the roots around the stump and cut the major roots. You then must lift the trunk from the ground. If you are having difficulty removing it you can use a chain and a truck for help.

The third method is to use a chemical stump remover. The necessary supplies can be purchased at a hardware store. Start by drilling 1 inch holes around the perimeter of the stump and move inward with them. The holes should be around 8 to 12 inches deep depending on the size of the stump. Pour potassium nitrate and water into the holes and wait four to six weeks until the stump is weak enough to chop with an axe. You can also burn the stump by lighting the nitrate on fire.