Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Information About Tree Removal

Tree removal is the process of cutting down and removing trees on a certain property. This is a tough job depending on the size of the tree and often times can cost you between $150 and $1,500 plus depending on the tree and the job. Price ranges per job and is based on the height of the tree and the complexity of the job. You will also be charged extra to haul the tree away, have the stump grinded, and more depending on the company you use. One thing is for sure that getting a tree removed is not a cheap thing. Ask your arborist how much it will cost before he begins the work.

Benefits of Tree Removal

The benefits of getting a tree removed are numerous. First it clears space on your lawn. This could help bring in sunlight, or make room for a project you decide to put in. Getting a tree removed also helps prevent potential hazards. If you have an old tree next to your house who's to say that it won't fall and destroy your property? Getting your tree removed also prevents pests and bugs from spawning near your house and potentially invading where you live. In addition to all this, if a tree is near your house its roots could destroy and break foundation and pipes in your house.

How It's Done

Tree removal, especially with larger trees, can be dangerous and tricky. It is important that you contact a certified arborist if you need trees removed. Generally the arborist will climb the tree by using either boots with spikes on them or rope. When the arborist climbs they will attach the top portion to a crane and slowly cut down the tree bit by bit. Large branches may also be cut down along the way. From there they can remove and dispose of the tree properly. Stump grinding is the next step and your arborist will remove the tree's stump for an extra fee.